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Empowerment 4 Riders

Empowerment 4 Riders

The Oxford Dictionary defines empowerment as, “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights”. And that is exactly what founder of Empowerment 4 Riders, Bianca Stawiarski, aims to give to her clients. A Transformational Coach, Confidence Building Coach and Horse Archery Instructor, Bianca and her dependable 11-year-old Clydesdale Cross Quarter Horse, Dozer, help people to rediscover their “inner fire”. Based in Lower Hermitage, South Australia, Bianca is an inspirational horsewoman, who…

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red light therapy kit
Business of the Week

Red Light Therapy Kits

There are many human treatments and therapies that work effectively on horses, although it often takes a fraught equestrian to cross the divide and develop the technology that can best help our equine friends! Founder and director of Red…

Cavalletti Classifieds and Horsi Join Forces
Horsi News

Horsi and Cavalletti Classifieds Join Forces

Two equestrian website brands have partnered to step online marketing options up a notch for horse businesses and riders. The well known and much loved horse classifieds website, Cavalletti Classifieds has recently been acquired by Horsi, an equestrian social…

Bungendore Show

Bungendore Show Results 2017

Bungendore Show is one of THE events on the New South Wales Agricultural show calendar. With a huge horse schedule that includes specialist breeds, sporting, hacks, hunters, pony club, show jumping and carriage driving, spread across eight rings —…